The Whole Picture

Choosing a photographer can be challenging   

There is a lot to consider and a ton of amateurs pretending to be professionals in the marketplace. So, we created this Q&A page to make your decision easier.

Style Points: When looking at images, do they trigger an emotional response? Can you see yourself/event being portrayed in the photographer's shooting style?

Our first suggestion is to go with your heart. At KSP, we pride ourselves in offering Handcrafted Images that are meticulously produced and customized to your request. Our style is called creative realism- documenting people's most important moments with with a charm and grace that is artistically compelling.  

Quality of Service: What type of service do you expect from your photographer? 

Our ultimate goal is to develop a meaningful, long-term relationship with you, providing only the most passionate and personable service imaginable. Being both professional and playful, we get along beautifully with Corporate VIP and children alike. Truly listening to your needs and request, we will take extra effort to be conscientious and caring guides, giving trusted recommendations every step of the way. We believe selecting the right photographer is not just about fabulous images. It is the ability to be sensitive for when, where and how to best take the pictures that matters most.

Experience, Education and Training: How much professional experience and training do they have? What kind of equipment do they use? 

Backed by a four year degree in photography from RIT, and over twenty years of professional experience, I have photographed hundreds and hundreds of portraits, weddings, events and programs. I use only the best gear (Canon 5dMark111, Profoto lights, f/2.8 lenses, etc) and continuously stay on top of my training and education. Paid appropriate wages to offer only the highest of quality, my team of assistants and videographers are all full-time professionals. Together, we offer exceptional imagery and service for almost any type of multi-media needs. 

I feel it is also important to note, that in addition to my Photography degree, I hold a MS in Environmental Education and years of experience leading outdoor programs as well as teaching nature photography courses. My clients frequently mention that my passion/expertise in nature photography brings a valuable perspective and natural beauty to my work.

Personally, we are all fun-loving family people who enjoy living and playing in the outdoors of CO. Common passions include backyard games, craft beer, live music, local sports and spending time with our family and friends.

We hope this was helpful while highlighting why KSP can be the ideal choice for your photography needs. But don't just trust our words. Check out what our clients have to say: Click here for our Testimonials.