Handcrafted Excellence 

Every image is created with an eye for artistry and natural beauty.

The Old English word "Handcraeft" means to be made skillfully by hand into a unique work of art.

The Inspiration: Before you can truly comprehend what Handcrafted Excellence will mean to your photographs, it is important to first understand the inspiration of my story... My love for photography started at 5 years old, sitting on my grandfather's lap reading a National Geographic magazine. I was unexpectedly propelled into strange cultures and breathtaking beauty. Then as a young teenager, I became inspired by Ansel Adams. His work taught me to compose images into a masterpiece of exposure, contrast, and creativity. Consumed with a passion for the photographic world, I went to RIT for college. Yet, after four years of photography classes, and countless rolls of film exposed, my three greatest takeaways were probably the most simple yet profound lessons:

1) Let your heart be your guide.

2) Compose images that celebrate the use of light and color.

3) A photograph is a sacred remembrance of a moment in time. Tell the story with passion.

Now twenty years later, these three lessons are still the foundation of my work. 

The Handcrafted Process: Built in four integral stages, your experience will be customized to be simply exceptional. 

Developing Trust: I am a lighthearted and super friendly guy. Ideally, we can meet in person and begin to get to know each other. It is a great time to go over style, logistics, investment, and talk about any questions that come up. I can also customize my services to best fit your photo request and budget. 

Compelling Imagery and Heartfelt Service: Focusing on how, when and where to take the best photos, your images will be carefully crafted to bring out the natural essence and emotions of the moment. Creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere, I make it easy to be yourself and enjoy the moment at hand. 

Professionally Edited and Retouched: No one is happy unless they look their best. Edited with perfection in mind, images are color corrected, dodged and burned, and cropped with minor blemishes removed. Then using Photoshop and Lightroom adjustments, images can be transformed to become even more special. In the end, you will love your images and be amazed at how good they came out. Guaranteed! 

Treasured for Years to Come: So, now that you have stunning images what will you do with them? You can choose to simply enjoy and share them on screen in your personal gallery; get professional prints made with a click of the button; have them designed into custom books/albums, slideshows, cards, or my favorite- gallery-wrapped canvas prints. 

Now that you know the skinny of what to expect, check out a few handcrafted images!